• About "The Lovers of Reading Abbey"

    This short story was written by my pupil for an English class assignment in her first year in high school. They spent the whole year studying detective stories in class, and as a "final task", they had to produce their own detective story.

    We worked on it together. As she had not liked working on detective stories and I am a big fan of Jane Austen, I suggested we work on a rewriting of Northanger Abbey in a "what if" mode: "What if Catherine was right to suspect the Colonel of a horribe crime against his wife?". I also suggested we add literary references to show that she had worked seriously, despite her dislike (e.g. ref. to the Canterbury Tales; the story takes place at Reading Abbey, in reference to Anne's love for reading - Reading Abbey is a real place, except that it is an abbey fallen to ruins, it wasn't turned into a residence).

    About "The Lovers of Reading Abbey" About "The Lovers of Reading Abbey" About "The Lovers of Reading Abbey"


    We had just read and/or watched Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre so we took some inspiration from it as well. And the funny thing is that we ended up unconsciously re-writing Northanger Abbey into Jane Eyre (at some point, the Colonel was in love with the governess and so on, until my pupil's mom remarked that it sounded a lot like Jane Eyre's story...).

    Her mother also suggested using the Titanic at the end (but you'll need to read through to the end to know how ^^)

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy it About "The Lovers of Reading Abbey"


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